Multipurpose Glass & Tile Cutter


 Plastic, Metal
275 x 160 x 50 mm

1. When cutting the glass, pull a line with a force of 3-5 kg and open it by hand.

2. When the circle is rounded, turn the diamond to the right and rotate 360 degrees to the right. After drawing the line, tap it along the bottom line.

3. When cutting the wall and floor tiles, pull a line with force, then use a steel nail pad to go offline, and press both hands.

4. When the diamond is drilled, use appropriate force to shake it, and drill the nail after drilling.

5. When the sharpener is operated, the knife and the sharpener are at an angle of 50 degrees, and then pulled until the grinding is fast.

6. When grinding the scissors, look for the angle and grind the scissors on both sides.

Seven. The bottle opener can open all kinds of beer bottles, cans, etc., and can do it with force.

Eight. Small saws can be sawed without wood products, plastic tubes, etc., can be pulled back and forth.

Nine. The hook knife can solve the problem of inner diameter division and can be engraved on plexiglass and plywood.

Ten. The utility knife can cut all kinds of wooden and rubber materials, and can peel the fruit.

XI. The length of the measuring object can be measured.

12. The level can adjust the horizontal level of the appliance and other planes

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Multipurpose Glass & Tile Cutter

Multipurpose Glass & Tile Cutter from US Bathware  the ultimate tool for precision cutting and multifunctional use. Crafted for efficiency, this tile cutter stands out as the best in the US, offering a range of features for various applications.

Whether cutting glass, wall, or floor tiles, this cutter provides optimal results with minimal effort. The diamond drill allows for precise drilling, while the sharpener ensures a quick and effective grind at a 50 degree angle. Additionally, it functions as a bottle opener, small saw, hook knife, utility knife, and level for added versatility.

Embrace efficiency with the Multipurpose Glass & Tile Cutter, addressing all your cutting and measuring needs. Elevate your DIY projects with this essential tool, available at an unbeatable price on US Bathware. Order now and experience the best in quality and functionality.


Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 275 × 160 × 50 cm



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